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Vitamin C and Natural Vitamin additives

Ayurvedic or natural vitamin additives quickly replace their chemically synthesised copies. This in great demand wave is attributed to the people accepting the preventive and complete approach of health, instead of jet routine of health. Among various types of accessible vitamin additives Vitamin C possibly is most widely used.
Natural Vitamin additives: the Facts of Vitamin C
High concentration of Vitamin C are found in Amla, which is used to make many natural additions, such as Trpmme and Klzhnse. Vitamin C or L-L-acid - vital nutrient for appropriate functioning of a human body. Ascorbic acid also is necessary for metabolic reactions both in animals and in factories.
Deficiency of Vitamin C can cause a scurvy in people. Originally, the scurvy as believed, has been caused by shortage of consumption of new products of factory. In 1795, to seamen of the British fleet have given a lemon juice to prevent this illness.
Natural Vitamin additives: Physiological Functions of Vitamin C
Vitamin C - the electronic donator for eight important enzymes three of which participate in gidroksilirovanii collagen, and two in synthesis karnitina. Preservation three promotes biosynthesis arterenola, add groups amida to hormones peptida and modulate a metabolism tirozina. Known for its antioxidizing properties, Vitamin C - the reducing agent who reverses oxidation in water solutions.
Presence of more free radicals in a body than antioxidants can lead to a condition named oxidising pressure. This condition causes illnesses, such as cardiovascular illnesses, a hypertension, a diabetes and chronic seditious illnesses. Antioxidizing additions advance health though superfluous addition could be harmful.
Natural Vitamin additives: Other Therapeutic Use of Vitamin C
The big doses of Vitamin C tend to have ' protective ' effect on the nervous cages caused by leadership and muscle deviations, especially in smokers. Acid Dehydroascorbic, the form in which oxidised Vitamin C exists in a human body, can reduce neurologic deficiencies and fatal cases after blow. It because of its ability to overcome gematoentsefalicheskiy a barrier, unlike antioxidizing ascorbic acid (AA).

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